The Emily Grace Barr Chelvanayagam Memorial Prize for Tamil.

To be awarded to the best student

(a) in Part I, Part II and Part III examination and the overall performance at Special Degree in Tamil.

(b) in Part I and Part II examinations and the overall performance at General Degree with Tamil as a subject.


Then Puloly Kantha Kanthamurugesanar Memorial Prize Studies on Tholhapium

Awarded to a student who has followed the Special Arts Degree in Tamil and who has scored the highest marks (not below 65%) in the course units ‘Studies in Tolkapium’)


Jaffna Folklore Society Award for the Student who offered the Paper Folklore.

To be awarded to the student who rank First in the Special Degree Examination in Tamil and obtains First Class or Second Class (Upper Division) and have offered the paper on Folklore or have submitter final dissertation on a subject dealing with Folklore.


Rasaretnam Veerasinham (Nee) Chelliah Memorial Prize for Tamil, Paper: Dravidian Linguistics and Tamil Grammatical Traditions

To be awarded to a candidate who has scored highest marks in the paper Dravidian Linguistics and Tamil Grammatical Traditions and also has scored more than 60 marks as an overall average in all parts of the Special Arts Degree Examination in Tamil.


Aasukavi Kalladi Veluppillai Memorial Gold Medal for Best Perfomance in “Sri Lankan Tamil Literature”

The Criteria to select the awardees for the Gold Medal:

  1. The student who should follow B.A. Honors Degree in Tamil at the Department of Tamil, Faculty of Arts
  2. The student who obtained highest Marks/ Score when adding the marks of the following Course Units related to ‘Sri Lankan Tamil Literature’ entitled to receive the Gold Medal

a) TACH 31043: Sri Lankan Tamil Literature up to 19th Century

(19ம் நூற்றாண்டு வரையான ஈழத்துத் தமிழ் இலக்கிய வரலாறு)

b) TACH 41023: History of Sri Lankan Tamil Literature – 20th Century

(இருபதாம் நூற்றாண்டு ஈழத்துத் தமிழ் இலக்கிய வரலாறு)

3. Besides the students should obtain First Class or Second Upper in the degree.